Making it easy to buy better and sell more in Asia

1. Buy Better

Can you buy better?

Our clients save millions by directly sourcing quality products and components from suppliers in Asia.

2. Sell More

Can you sell more?

Our clients are creating new markets by selling directly to retailers in Asia.

Not sure where to start?

Asia Audit

Request information on our audit which helps you understand what Asia means for your business.


We have tried to enter the Chinese market three times with people who promised us everything and then we never heard from again… finally with Mawson Global we have real information and a path to export success.

I am confident recommending Mawson to any of my clients because every time I have they received professional service and advice that is relevant for them at a very reasonable rate.

The guys at Mawson Global didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear about exporting to China… but I am sure glad I had the facts not just a dream before we started spending money!”

About Us

Mawson Global is a leader in getting business done in Asia.  With more than 70 continuous years of international experience, the team at Mawson Global has the expertise you need to maximize your global commerce potential.

Our mission is to make Asia easy for our clients, regardless of size, by utilising our global experience to reduce risk and increase profit. We provide you with the information that lets you cut out the middleman and deal directly with partners in Asia to “buy better and sell more”.

Mawson Global Case Studies

Mawson Global Saves Businesses $18 Million

Australian Businesses Experience Savings with Mawson Global Procurement Resources Adelaide, South Australia: In the past 12 months, Mawson Global has helped Australian businesses save $18 Million through their extensive knowledge of global procurement in Asia. With over 15 years of experience building relationships within Asia, Mawson Global now helps other businesses see substantial savings across […]

Metal Product Manufacturing & Mawson Global: The Perfect Alloy

Fabricated metal product manufacturing is a major global industry. The industry generates approximately $2 trillion in annual revenue and whether you’re a major consumer products manufacturer or a smaller regional player meeting niche demand, fabricated metal product manufacturing is an industry that depends on efficient operations to hit profitability targets. Global sourcing metals can offer […]

What a Research Project Delivers

Research Projects Offer Mawson Global Customers Peace of Mind Global sourcing can provide significant cost and time saving benefits to companies, while increasing their profits and strengthening their overall business. Yet the risks and time commitment required to successfully utilise global sourcing can be overwhelming. If your company is considering global sourcing for one or […]

Can you take the risk out of moving exchange rates?

The short answer is yes… at a cost! If you are considering importing because of a few cents variation in the exchange rate make sure you have considered the full effect on your business model. Many people consider the most obvious risk. You took advantage of a favourable exchange rate and bought a container of […]

5 Tips to Do Better Business in Asia

China is the largest supplier of goods to the United States, and the trade of goods and services between the two nations is a multi-billion dollar relationship. But in order to gain a foothold in the global sourcing industry, there are some cultural and business customs you will do well to adhere to if you […]

A Vital Tool for Machinery & Industrial Supply Companies

The machine and industrial supply sector is often a competitive environment. You know the great feeling of securing a valuable, long-term contract with an established company. But ensuring you have the kind of supply chain in place to offer competitive rates, with the proper quality assurance, and in the right timeframes is a genuine challenge. […]