Making it easy to buy better and sell more in Asia

1. Buy Better

Can you buy better?

Our clients save millions by directly sourcing quality products and components from suppliers in Asia.

2. Sell More

Can you sell more?

Our clients are creating new markets by selling directly to retailers in Asia.

Not sure where to start?

Asia Audit

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We have tried to enter the Chinese market three times with people who promised us everything and then we never heard from again… finally with Mawson Global we have real information and a path to export success.

I am confident recommending Mawson to any of my clients because every time I have they received professional service and advice that is relevant for them at a very reasonable rate.

The guys at Mawson Global didn’t always tell me what I wanted to hear about exporting to China… but I am sure glad I had the facts not just a dream before we started spending money!”

About Us

Mawson Global is a leader in getting business done in Asia.  With more than 70 continuous years of international experience, the team at Mawson Global has the expertise you need to maximize your global commerce potential.

Our mission is to make Asia easy for our clients, regardless of size, by utilising our global experience to reduce risk and increase profit. We provide you with the information that lets you cut out the middleman and deal directly with partners in Asia to “buy better and sell more”.

Mawson Global Case Studies

Is Global Sourcing is Right for You? Questions to Ask Yourself

You’ve heard the stories. There’s a company based in China that produces exactly the widgets you need, just the way you need them for about 35% of the cost you currently pay. Surely, there must be a catch? Well, sourcing globally does require a little extra due diligence. A few more skills must be learned […]

Taiwan Business Profile

Since the Nationalist party’s flight to Taiwan from Chinese Communist rule after World War II, the island nation is no stranger to dealing with political tensions. In spite of diplomatic disputes with China and hesitations from the rest of the world, Taiwan has matured into a remarkable country with a strong economy in less than […]

Why every business is a global business – whether they realise it or not!

In the last 8 years of advising businesses I have been constantly amazed that every business we look at is a global business.  This is not just the big multinationals, it is businesses in every sector and every market segment. If in your business you buy any item or service and if you provide any […]

Hong Kong’s Business Profile

Hong Kong’s strategic coastal position has been a valuable asset for centuries. Originally a distant outpost of several Chinese dynasties, Hong Kong became a British colony and trading port in 1841. After the First Opium War, China agreed to lease Hong Kong to Britain for 99 years. By the 1970’s, Hong Kong became the “Asian […]

China’s Business Profile

China’s fascinating 4,000-year-old history and culture has provided a rich backdrop for the country’s economy. The nation was ruled by emperor dynasties for thousands of years until political parties took form in the 20th century. The country reformed into the People’s Republic of China when the Communist party defeated the Kuomintang Nationalist party in 1949. […]

How to Choose a 3rd Party Quality Auditor

In global commerce, an independent, unbiased third-party quality audit is one of the most effective ways to minimise the risks of every transaction. What is a Third-Party Audit? A Third-Party Audit introduces an autonomous team of auditors that have zero connection to your supplier to perform the audit; whereas first- and second-party quality audits may […]